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What are the benefits of having a coworking base?

Working on your own in your pyjamas from home may sound like the perfect way to work and every once in a while I would agree but long term what happens when you constantly lose focus because next doors dog is barking, or the washing machine has just ended or the delivery man knows your home and askes you take in everyone’s parcels because they are out at work!!

However small the interruption it removes your focus and all that time adds up and then you find the working day starts to encroach into the home life you once had when you worked in an office.

Ok so not everyone will get those distractions and you may live in a very quiet location where you can focus solely on your project. Which is great but the loneliness & isolation day in day out can also have a negative effect on you and your work. Social work interactions however small are an important part of your wellbeing, even if it’s just a quick chat at the coffee station. Having a group of liked minded business people around you that you can use as a sounding board, especially in those moments of self-doubt, is invaluable when you work alone.

So the key benefits of Coworking are;

Flexibility – You don’t have to work from your coworking space everyday just as & when you need it

Networking through Coworking – You will meet likeminded business entrepreneurs & possibly even your next customer

Avoiding Loneliness – Work along side business professionals who have chosen the same life style

Structure – Less distractions than home or coffee shop

More Efficient – Work focused in your core hours

Support – Run through your concerns or ideas with your fellow coworkers

Work smarter within the coworking community

For more information on coworking at The Cream Rooms Business Centre email or call 01455 244881

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