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The Synergy Between Coffee Shops & Coworking spaces

I read a really interesting blog the other day about ‘The requirements for a great coffee shop for home office workers’. That got me thinking about Home office workers....

They want the balance of people and atmosphere but not to be interrupted by colleagues in an actual office. They don’t want to work alone at home where the silence can send them stir crazy, they need that background noise and what seems like an arm’s length comfort of just knowing that someone is there. The stimulation of things going on around them, that they can draw ideas from and of course access to good coffee.

Homeworkers really are Coworkers but they are just sitting working amongst people meeting up for coffee & cake or parents grabbing lunch for the kids on the go or those conducting business over lunch. Working on your laptop in a coffee shop is fine for the odd day but the needs for more technology, privacy to make those important works calls, access to meeting rooms, strong reliable Wi-Fi, other business people to network with to enhance your business, a comfy chair and a professional looking space to take customers will mean the coffee shop home office worker will end up looking for somewhere else to work before long.

So, if you are a Home office worker who likes the coffee shop environment to work in on the odd day, why not try coworking on the other more important days? Coworking space provides all the same benefits of a coffee shop however its main focus is business customers so it provides a higher level of business support but still in an environment that allows you to come and go as you please & not forgetting they also have great coffee.

Great Coffee, Great Work Space - The Cream Rooms

To find out more about coworking at The Cream Rooms Business Centre call 01455 244881 or email

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