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The 5 Biggest Benefits of Networking

You may ask yourself why you need to attend a networking event? you have your own network of friends and family plus you’re really busy trying to grow your business. Well the answer is…

Networking has been proven to be the biggest most powerful marketing tool to grow and develop business.

And it’s not all about the new business it will bring you either.

Knowledge - Networking with likeminded people will enhance your skills and expand your business knowledge which in turn will benefit you and your business, knowledge is power!

Advice -Sharing ideas and experiences work both ways, your experience may prove invaluable to someone else within the group.

Personal Profile - It will help you to grow your profile, the more you expand your contacts the more opportunities you will gain.

Opportunities – These come in many forms, from beginning asked to attend another event to introductions into companies. Whether they seem big or small an opportunity is another chance for you to advertise your business and grow your profile.

Friendships - People are more likely to recommend / refer someone they know and trust, frequent networking and building friendships will keep you current and you will soon become the go to person in your industry.

Ok so it’s really 6 benefits as New Business is defiantly something you will gain from attending and engaging in networking events.

If you would like to attend a networking event check out The Cream Rooms Networking events, the next event is Thursday 4th April 2019 1pm till 4pm. It’s free to attend with a guest speaker from the Leicestershire Business Gateway who support business growth.

Book your place now by emailing with the following details

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The 5 Biggest Benefits Of Networking

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