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10 Year Challenge

It’s all across social media, everyone is at it….

Yes it’s the 10 year challenge. There are so many amazing stories behind these images, from friends and family growing, living amazing lives to success stories, where dreams have been planned out and executed precisely.

Technology has also been a major focus for some, as it continues to move forward and impress everyone year on year. The PC has moved along massively over the past 10 years. From the chunky desk top computer to the slim portable iPad, making working on the go easier than ever before and the need to be restricted to an office dramatically reduced.

With the improved technology, working from home, coffee shops and motorways services is increasing as more and more people work remotely. Although not everyone can focus within these environments hence the rise of coworking spaces. Coworking allows like-minded individuals to use a shared work space to network, learn from each other and focus in a business environment. So why not make 2019 the start of your success story, plan and dream big, but work smart, stay focused and use a coworking space to keep those distractions to a minimum so that you can achieve your dreams.

For more details contact The Cream Rooms on 01455 244881 or email and become part of the Hinckley coworking community.

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