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The Downfalls of Working from Home

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Companies are expanding, and unemployment is down to an almost record low across the UK which we all applaud but these expansions create other downfalls for both the employer and the employee. For the employer, growing your headcount doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to grow your office space as well, the headcount cost is high enough. For the employee this means desk space becomes tight and more often than not you are being asked to work from home on a weekly basis so that desk sharing can happen.

Working from home does provide flexibility for the employees, some will see it as a benefit (employers will sell it to you as one that’s for sure) but working from home has its downfalls such as when you’ve been used to having colleagues around to support you during the day, the structure and focus of working in a business environment without the distractions of home life and the all-important technology we become so used to having on hand, fast internet, printer, scanner, copier, dual screen options and the basics we might not even think about like a desk, office chair, pens, paper, whiteboards. All of that on top of the increase in your household bills for gas and electricity, is it really a benefit working from home?

This is why coworking space is becoming ever more popular across the UK, it provides that much needed business environment to work from with all the technology you need on hand and none of the distractions of home life. All this coupled with other liked minded business professionals working within the same environment there to support you if required. Employers & employees can both benefit from coworking spaces. Employers can pay minimal costs to allow their staff to have access to coworking space rather than the expense of new bigger offices and having to purchase extra equipment to enable the employee to work from home. The employee will benefit by using a coworking space close to home, cutting down travel time & costs with the added benefit of networking with new people. It’s a win win all-round.

To find out more about coworking at The Cream Rooms Business Centre call 01455 244881 or email

Coworking is the future for businesses big & small

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